Course Goals

Targeting Masterclass:

This course was inspired by years of teaching students from all levels and instruments the importance of getting the principles of targeting in their ears and under their fingers. This allows you to get to your creativity and fluidity faster than having to learn hundred's of scales. It doesn't have to take years to learn, either. This process can be done in less time than going to a traditional college or taking months of private lessons. But, you can still go at YOUR pace.

What you're going to learn:

             Each lecture has an introduction to the tool and concept, the essential building blocks of how to use them, sample exercises to show how to construct them, and what it can sound and look like over a Jazz standard. These aren’t “licks” to be memorized (although they can be), but rather tools to help you be the architect of your own improvisations. These lectures gives you the tools and show you how to use them. Learn how to use targeting and you are well on your way to creating meaningful improvisations in your own unique voice. It's the best way to sound original!

It's better than a book:

You've probably heard or read from seasoned musicians that you can't learn to improvise from a book. It's true, you can't learn just from reading. You have to DO it too. This is why this course is so valuable. You get to learn a concept and put it into action. We can do this by using technology to aid our development.

In many of the lectures I will be using apps called Drumgenius and iReal. Drumgenius is better than a metronome as you get to feel the subdivisions that a drummer would provide. iReal allows you to create playback exercises that you can transpose into other keys (as well as download just about every Jazz standard available). I highly recommend you get them for your own use, but they will be a part of the lecture itself and not a requirement.  

Once you feel comfortable improvising inside of this can take it to your local jam session (or here at Facebook's Jam of the Week)   

What Else Will I Need?

  • Your instrument
  • Ability to read music
  • PRACTICE TIME (I have found that half an hour a day of focused practice does wonders)

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